This is a video show about how to make your business more profitable and easier to run. In each episode, we tackle common issues growing businesses face and provide practical insights on how to overcome them

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Episode 1

Many small businesses don't know where their next sale is coming from. Michael discusses the consequences of leaving sales to chance and provides the solution.

Episode 2

Not all customers are created equal. In this episode, Michael discusses the importance of understanding who your best customers are, so you can be more profitable with less stress.

Episode 3

If you don't have a process, you rely on key individuals in the business. This hinders your ability to scale. In this episode, Michael explains process mapping and gives an example.

Episode 4

You've heard of CRM, but not knowing where to get started can lead to inaction, which creates an inefficient business. In this episode, Michael explains how to get started with CRM, and stresses that it's not all about technology.

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